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How Smaller Feminine Care Brands Are Making Big Changes In How Women Shop

How Smaller Feminine Care Brands Are Making Big Changes In How Women Shop

We've all seen ads for new feminine products and felt a little confused or thought to ourselves, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it". Women have grown quite comfortable with our regular lineup of feminine product options (or lack thereof) and we can be quite suspicious of new ones that appear on the shelves. However, I can't deny feeling a sense of shock when I hear about the chemicals used to make the tampons and pads that I’ve been using for years. It's unbelievable to think that feminine care manufacturers aren't required to list the ingredients in their products. Anyone would be inclined to wonder if changes in our buying patterns would lead to long term health benefits for women.

A movement is underway. There are many companies creating safer feminine products but aren’t able to get shelf space in big box stores. The smaller companies can't compete with larger, more established brands. PURILLEY Feminine Marketplace is the first of its kind retail store bringing smaller feminine care brands to the forefront of retail and making their products accessible to all women. Now it's up to consumers to take the power away from the big companies who are choosing not to address the growing health concerns of women. This will, without a doubt lead to safer manufacturing practices, less harmful ingredients, and increased awareness in the feminine care market. 

Ultimately, shopping with smaller feminine care brands that place more importance on quality and safety will stand to make all the difference in the future. Women just need to keep an open mind when using new products. This will take time, but I have faith that women can change the world.