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I founded PURILLEY in 2021 because I wanted to create a better experience for women while shopping for feminine products and I felt that women really have no safe space to learn about feminine care. PURILLEY is a retail store dedicated entirely to feminine hygiene, wellness, and body care. General feminine wellness is a major part of life that I felt had never been given the space it deserves in the consumer retail market. In most retail stores we are confined to one side of an aisle with no one to help if we have questions or want to try something new. As a woman, I felt we deserved better.

My goal was to simply turn the feminine care aisle into an entire store where women can discover new products and ask questions. It was important to provide an intimate and inviting environment where women could have a discreet shopping experience. This means that no one has to compromise their standards on product quality or be embarrassed while shopping. Every woman deserves support and access to quality products no matter what stage of life she is experiencing. Feminine care is not a dirty little secret.

My vision was to gather products from amazing brands owned by women all over the world and sell them all conveniently in one place. We've learned of many companies creating innovative feminine products. Our job is to find those feminine products and bring them to all women.

Recent data suggests that women only spend around $18,000 on feminine products in their lifetimes. This implies that the feminine hygiene market is not worth expanding or investing in. However, we as women know that could not be further from the truth. There's a lot more to feminine care than tampons and pads. There's general maintenance, stress relief, pregnancy & postpartum care, body skin issues, odor management, menopause and more.

Women control the general retail economy. Yet, there are no major retail stores that focus exclusively on our bodies and the feminine issues we experience. Hopefully, that changes now. I am beyond excited that you've come to shop and help further the movement to give feminine care the place it deserves in the world.


Ty Rachel Young