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Full of natural, VJ-loving ingredients, Freshies work to cleanse & hydrate your skin; soothe any inflammation & irritation triggered by “physical activity”. So, you’ll smell like a vanilla cupcake and be ready for the next round.

Why You Should Use Them: - Vaginal health is important; getting UTIs, soreness, irritations and imbalances is not on our ‘got time for’ list. -Designed specifically for pre and post game ‘activity’. -Plant-based, hypoallergenic, and super nourishing ingredients. -Discreet, easy, and convenient packaging. -Free from shitty ingredients, like parabens, petroleum, silicon, and glycerin. -Vegan and cruelty free. (We’re pro-rabbit, obviously.) -Made from Aloe Vera extract, Organic Cranberry, Vanilla Water, and Coconut Water.


10 all natural, after-play wipes per item


Made in United States