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The Stay Well Period Patch


This discreet, easy-to-wear patch provides comfort during your period. Made with plant-based ingredients, this sweat resistant patch can be worn before and during your period to keep you feeling like yourself, all month long.

  • Hormone-free herbal patch that promotes period relief, so you can feel like yourself all month long

  • Made with chasteberry extract and black cohosh, ingredients used extensively to support period wellness and comfort

  • Small, clear patch with no lingering medicinal scents

  • Water and sweat resistant to keep your patch where you put it—all day long

  • Backed by our 100% Happiness Guarantee–if you’re not delighted, we’ll make it right

  • New packaging look on the outside, same Cora goods on the inside

  • Every Cora purchase helps provide period products to people who need them